Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #2 Results

Hey, everyone!  Crawdad here with the late results of Heat #2 of the Tournament of Shame.  I would like to apologize that this is as late as it is, due to not getting in touch with the guys earlier and actually being at work all day when vids are released.  Luckily, Nick has been a really awesome guy and we have talked about keeping me up to date on the site!  Go Nick!  No biased towards the tournament, of course.

Anyways, what that means is that these will HOPEFULLY (not promising) be out as the vids are released to the viewers!  Right when you watch it, head on over here to find out how well each player did!  Rejoice!  Oh but I ramble, so here are your results for Heat #2!



Our first tie for a spot this season!  What this means is that once it gets around to the leaderboards, they will have the points halved.  For example, here we have both Rob and NL in 2nd place.  This means that, seeing how 2nd place will get 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point which makes 3 points together, those points are split between the two, giving them both 1.5 to their score.  So NL would add his 1.5 to his previous 3 points he acquired by getting first in Heat #1, putting him at 4.5 and in the lead.  If you followed the scoring for the Move or Die tournament, it’s the same scoring so feel free to look back at how that was handled.

Anyways, onto how well the players did.  Right off the back, Mathas woke up after slumping terribly during Heat #1 with an impressive win here.  While not really out doing NL on kills, Mathas was able to rank up 6 more points ahead of both Rob and NL.  Hopefully Mathas can keep this up if he’s willing to take the #1 spot, seeing how it’s still very early in the season.  NL and Rob tied for 2nd place, although NL seemed to have performed slightly better.  It’s hard to say that and be confident with the statement when NL has way more kills, but too many deaths and not enough points to prove it.  Rob fell behind this heat, mainly due to Mathas outperforming everyone and I also feel that the alliance with Dan probably costed him a few kills for he had several shots on Dan throughout the heat.  Dan didn’t perform well, but I do love Dan’s spirit and humor.  Maybe it’s his way of tricking his opponents into an alliance so he can betray them at the right time.  In fact, that sounds like Dan.  If it works out for him, then he’ll manage to get plenty of points for the next few heats until the players begin to not trust him.  I don’t see it being a great strategy though, so hopefully he has a backup.  The highlight of this heat seriously goes to NL during the last round, where he feigns death, just to bounce up and blow himself up with a grenade.  Smooth, dawg.

Anyways, time to close this one up.  This season of the ToS is so entertaining to watch, not only because Duck Game is a very enjoyable and beloved game since release, but because each player is actually not that far behind each other.  They all have a particular set of skills and strategies, so we will see which of those will work in that player’s favor.  Keep an eye out on the site for I’ll be posting the leaderboard during Heat #3 for you guys and girls to follow and tally alongside these results postings.  Also all feedback is welcomed, so don’t be scared to let me know how you feel about my writing or who you feel is going to win.  I love doing this, so I hope you guys would love getting involved as well. <3

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #1 Results

Before I announce the results, the listings and statistics may seem a bit minimal when compared to the previous ToS when it comes to percentages, but if something changes, I’ll work it in.  Until then, the results will be showing current points, kills, and deaths (suicides included).

That being said, here are the results for Heat #1 of the Duck Game ToS.  Current image is up for discussions, so please feel free to offer any feedback!


So I’d have to say that, even though this is Heat #1, it started off extremely entertaining and strong!  A comment made by Rob (AlpacaPatrol) early was that he felt that these may be short videos, but 17 minutes later, that assumption has basically gone out the window.  In fact, Rob was one of the strongest ones coming out the gate, having kills in the double digits before anyone else.  He slowed down in the later matches, but I still feel that he is one to actually watch out for in this tournament.  Northernlion seems as strong as ever and has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with, with 2 extra points over the minimum needed to win and 2 short of the 20 deaths marker.  Let’s not also forget the fact he was 4 points ahead of second, making it difficult for Rob to sneak in and grab the spot, and with a whopping 29 kills, 7 more than both Rob and BaerTaffy.  Speaking of Baer, his early game was not the greatest, but he made a great comeback in the later half of the game, even though he wasn’t able to rack on the points and holds the highest amount of deaths by 1.  He managed to make up for that by matching the same amount of kills as Rob.  Give him another game and I feel he’ll perform much better.  Mathas struggled, to say the least.  With only 8 kills and 24 deaths, he never fully managed to make anything happen.  I do agree for one of his deaths was a little unbelievable in where he was just in range of the grenade explosion, even though the animation doesn’t show the range in detail.  Maybe it just grazed him, but it was a very silly death.  Mathas just needs to focus and bring his A game in future heats if he is looking to stand against the top performances shown today.

The hype is real, folks!  With only Heat #1 out of the way, it can only get better once it comes close to the Finals where games matter the most.  Can’t wait to see how Dan and Nick (RockLeeSmile) do in the upcoming matches.

NEW! Tournament of Shame – Duck Game! QUACK QUACK QUACK!

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, excited to finally announce, even though I’m a tad bit late, the brand new season of the Tournament of Shame!  As you can read from the title, the gents will be diving in and going 4 player Free For All in Duck Game, a game developed by Landon Polbielski and published by Adult Swim Games for the Ouya, but made it’s way to the PC and has been a hit since then.  Lasers!  Shotguns!  Mind control!  Cooked Duck!  So many ways to die and every death feels so good, especially self combustion with your own Flamethrower!  I won’t ramble on too much for information still needs to be recorded, so good luck to all the players and, of course, have fun!


Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack


Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Post Tournament Standings + Comments and Corrections

Tournament of Shame - Move or Die

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad back again to bring the (somewhat late) results of the Move or Die Tournament of Shame and to go over some comments I’ve received, as well as some corrections (there are quite a lot).  To start off the post, here are your final standings!

1st: RockLeeSmile

2nd: Dan Gheesling

3rd: BaerTaffy

4th: Northernlion

5th: MathasGames

6th: AlpacaPatrol

Congratulations, Nick, for the outstanding victory and the constant barrage of skill shown throughout the tournament since Heat #1!  To everyone else, you did all that you guys could and you performed outstandingly well, so congratulations all around!

Now that that is dealt with, let’s move onto why the listing is this way.  So I received a comment the other day, suggesting that the playoffs (finals) should not be focused on the points they have accumulated in regular season.  At first, I really did have it that way to avoid confusion, but I really think I made it more confusing.  It was my first time dealing with all this, so I kind of gotten overwhelmed at times.  I would have just left it, but it dawned on me: Why would people even care about playing if they wouldn’t be able to win?  I immediately turned to sports events and, in my situation as an American, the Super Bowl.  Let’s say two teams go in; one team undefeated, while the other team is 13-4.  Why should the undefeated team still win, even though they lost?  I asked myself that and said, “Well that’s damn stupid, it would make it boring to watch because the other team would just already know they can’t win.”  That situation alone pretty much helped me re-select how I scored this, so kudos to the guy who brought that up.  I also feel that I was still thinking they would have playoffs, but they didn’t.  There is a difference between what playoffs are and what the finals are.  I understand now why they decided to skip playoffs because a 1v1 Move or Die match would be boring.  Having it a 4 player Free For All would make for a more interesting viewing, even though the underlying problems with the game in it’s early access state kind of left a bad taste in not only the player’s mouths, but all the viewers’ as well.  Maybe that is something that the guys may want to think about next time when choosing a game to use as the third ToS.

Moving on, I would really like to state that holy shit!  People have come to me with a lot of comments, whether offering help and suggestions or showing appreciation in what I’m doing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I won’t go into another long “Thank You” post, but all of this meant so much to me.  With that, I understand I made a lot of errors!  There were no errors in any of the numbers, but more so in my ability to write.  I’ve had to go and re-edit or fix some mistakes because my original proofreading did not catch it.  An example would be something like during the Ending of Regular Season Analysis, I state that the “skill of the players in that game mode” didn’t have an effect on the host advantage, just to state a couple of sentences later that skill also played a part.  To be honest with everyone, I normally never get the chance to go into detail about stuff like this and it was my first time working on something big (at least for me).  I wanted to give you guys content to read and understand, but I felt like, sometimes, most of my posts were filled with overused words or grammar mistakes.  You can’t fix the errors that you can’t, or refuse, to see.  With that, most of my work will be done way in advanced and would have been proofread multiple times, although that is if they have me back.  It may have been sloppy, but I feel that it’s also great experience: work on something and figure out what you’re good at and what needs fixing.

Another problem with how everything was laid out was the use of WordPress.  I have not this before and I tried so hard to get a grasp of it quickly, but the problems it has affected how I typed and what I placed as media.  The site loves to resize large width images for the better; not so much height width.  So at the top of this post, you’ll notice I put the art for their YouTube thumbnail in.  It looks small, but the image itself is sitting here, a lot larger than what the post actually shows.  Compare this to the images of the stats I posted throughout the tournament.  Most of those, which were screenshots from multiple text documents, were also longer in height.  Therefore, the site tried to enlarge it, even though it didn’t need it.  The end result is images being blown up too large that they become pixelated.  In the future, this will be fixed with longer width images, such as charts and tables.  I’ll also work on it throughout the coming days to figure out other ways of laying out the foundation of each post.  They offer HTML editing, but I’m too dumb for that so I’ll stick to the visual aids.

Edited Addition: someone brought to my attention that the centered alignment was a nuisance to look at.  The main reason I went centered was because being a newb at WordPress and not knowing how to code in general, I don’t know how to edit all the extra space on the sides of the page.  I will be working on fixing this, so thank you to the person who brought that up.

Lastly, I’ll open up and see exactly what you guys see when I mess up or forget a bit of information.  This doesn’t just have to me behind the scenes, when I’m just like you guys.  Any feedback you have, please leave in the comments or let me know somewhere else like Twitter or email.  You guys are also a big part of this, so your voices should be heard!

The plans to create an even better experience for any future ToS has been laid out.  Let’s make it happen!

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Ending Statement + Thank You

So with the finals closing in, I felt that I have done all I can to help bring all the stats to the players and viewers, so I wanted to just briefly talk about how excited and honored it was to work on this.  I’ve been a fan of these guys for quite some time, so being asked to lend my information and manage the tournament’s page was an amazing feeling, one that would have been extremely hard to say no to.  I don’t want to ramble on pass that point (I’ll have a hard time shutting up), so here is my opinion as to what will happen:

With Nick in first, Baer in second, Dan in third, and NL in fourth, I feel that this stays the same.  NL would have an extremely hard time getting out of fourth because he’ll need to be his A-game to get the first place spot, while Dan would have to slack and suffer to fall back to fourth.  As far as his stats are concerned, his chances are very unlikely.  Even if possible, the highest he can get is third.  Dan continues to work hard to maintain his third place spot, while Baer and Nick battle back and forth for the title.  The best outcome I can see for Baer is him getting first and Nick getting second, creating a tie between the two.  It’s hard to say who will get more points due to the RNG of the mode selection, but I have a feeling that the game will pull in the favor of Nick.  Therefore, I’m calling that Nick will be the winner of the Move or Die tournament, which would add to his impressive tournament resume right now (finishing second in the Goofball Goals tournament as well).

This may be short, sloppy, and not full of the numbers y’all have come to expect from me by now, but all I really wanted was to say thank you to Dan, NL, Nick, Baer, Rob, Mathas, and everyone involved again for giving me this opportunity.  It was a completely amazing situation to be a part of, and if these guys want me back for the next tournament, I would be honored.  Until then, you guys can find me in the YouTube comments, as well as their Twitch chats!



“How do you manage to ruin everything even when you’re on time?”  -Northernlion 2015

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – End of Regular Season Analysis + Discussion

Good day, everyone!  Crawdad back again to bring another break down of how well each player performed in the regular season of the Move or Die Tournament of Shame and discuss how I see things playing out from here.  So, without further adieu, here are your winning results for Heats #1 through #6.


Now you may notice that some numbers are off, such as RockLeeSmile playing 14 rounds of Speed Run and BaerTaffy playing 13 rounds.  This has to do with several things, such as having bye-weeks, competitors performing very well during that heat (I.E. Heat #5), or those rounds ending up with a draw.  The percentages are correct, but they may change based on if they all played the same amount of rounds.  You may also notice that many of the percentages don’t seem to appear as large numbers.  I thought so, too, when I was doing the math, but the thing you have to remember is that this is pulling from their experiences in these game modes against other players.  Things could go right, but things could also go wrong.  However, those small numbers are being compared to other small numbers.

There are a few that break away from that statement, such as BaerTaffy’s amazing ability to win the majority of Speed Run rounds (77%) and RockLeeSmile with his “Law of Averages” strategy in Sugar Rush (61%).  So I’ve decide to write up a list of the percentages of each player, from most successful to least successful.  I will be leaving MathasGames and AlpacaPatrol out of it due to them not making it into the playoffs.


So we have certain game modes that are being runaways, such as RockLeeSmile in Sugar Rush and BaerTaffy in Speed Run.  However, RockLeeSmile is also quite dominant in Blow Back, while BaerTaffy also has a lead in Color Craze.  Northernlion, while not the most prominent player as far as percentages go, has taken a lead in Stomp with 47%.  However, if you’re one to look at the most stable competitor, you’d look to Dan Gheesling.  He has managed to make #2 (even share #1 with Baer on Bomb Tag) on three of the modes.  One wrong move from RockLeeSmile and BaerTaffy, Dan can swoop in and take the win.  Falling Blocks is the only mode that is anyone’s game, all due to the difference between highest percentage to lowest percentage being a mere 10%.

How is this affected by host advantage, though?  Well I wanted to look into that a little bit more, so I decided to pay attention and see when the host wins a certain mode and see how often that occurred .  What you see below is the result of this study.  This, by no means, brings in the question about the lag between the players or graphical glitches that occur.

Blow Back: 9 out of 23 (39%)

Bomb Tag: 13 out of 24 (54%)

Color Craze: 4 out of 25 (16%)

Falling Blocks: 10 out of 25 (40%)

Speed Run: 7 out of 21 (33%)

Stomp: 7 out of 21 (33%)

Sugar Rush: 7 out of 24 (29%)

Total Host Wins: 57 out of 163 (35%)

So really, the hosts of this tournament won less than half of the modes in total of the regular season.  Again, let this not say that there are not underlying problems, only that the competitors did an amazing job dealing with lag and bugs.  Why the numbers aren’t also larger was due to the bugs that the host, himself, had to deal with (I.E. getting stuck in blocks) and, possibly, playing a game mode that they have a low percentage chance of winning.  Let’s use RockLeeSmile as an example for both Bomb Tag and Sugar Rush.  He has a 61% win rate in Sugar Rush and the host advantage is 29%.  That bumps his percentage to win as host to 79%.  However, he only has a 12% win rate in Bomb Tag and host advantage is 54%.  This increases his chances to 18%, which still means BaerTaffy is favored to win that mode.

Finally, you may be interested to know what their chances are to win this thing.  Well first, we must look at their chances of winning from the regular season.  This is gathered from the amount of wins in each round divided by the total of games played.

BaerTaffy with a 35% chance to win his matches.

RockLeeSmile with a 31% chance to win his matches.

Dan Gheesling with a 23% chance to win his matches.

Northernlion with a 22% chance to win his matches.

Not a massive difference, seeing how it’s only a 13% difference between BaerTaffy and Northernlion, but it should give you an idea of how things would look in the playoffs.  If we were to work upon this information, we can assume that their percentages would continue to change accordingly to their wins and total games played during playoffs.  Having said that, I decided to look at how many rounds of each mode may be played (RNG is still depended on due to modes being replayed or draws).  These are just gathered from information recorded, so they may not necessarily be the right amount, especially if everyone puts up a fight.

Blow Back – 3 rounds (RockLeeSmile favored)

Bomb Tag – 4 rounds (BaerTaffy favored)

Color Craze – 4 rounds (BaerTaffy favored)

Falling Blocks – 4 rounds (RockLeeSmile favored)

Speed Run – 3 rounds (BaerTaffy favored)

Stomp – 3 rounds (Northernlion favored)

Sugar Rush – 4 rounds (RockLeeSmile favored)

While both Dan Gheesling and Northernlion are lacking the top spots to be favored during playoffs, you’d noticed it’s pretty much 50/50 between BaerTaffy and RockLeeSmile, given if those numbers occur as listed.  Things do change though, so expect this to not be a final listing of how it’ll play out.

But we can’t leave without one final listing…

For RockLeeSmile to stay first, he must get first place in playoffs.

BaerTaffy can tie for first place for tie breaker if he gets first place and RockLeeSmile gets second place.  BaerTaffy can also become the leader if he gets first place and RockLeeSmile gets third or fourth place.

Dan Gheesling can tie for first place for tie breaker if he gets first place, RockLeeSmile gets fourth place, and Baertaffy gets third place.  Dan Gheesling can also tie for second place for tie breaker if he gets second place and BaerTaffy gets fourth place.

Northernlion can get third place if he gets first place and Dan Gheesling gets fourth place.

The end is fairly near, ladies and gentlemen, so it’s time to pick your choices wisely.  Will the top dogs, BaerTaffy and RockLeeSmile, fight off for dominance or does Dan Gheesling swoop in and recreate the story of being an underdog?  We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Heat 6 Stats + Scores *QUALIFIERS!*

For those of you curious of the win percentages for Heat #6, here are the results.  Note that this is the final recording for the regular season!  Whoever makes it in the top four places move on to the playoffs!




So the players moving on to the playoffs are RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, Dan Gheesling, and Northernlion!  Congratulations to you guys!

Even though they did not make the cut, congratulations to MathasGames and AlpacaPatrol for sticking it in and doing their damned best!

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Heat 4


1st – DanGheesling – 7 Points

2nd – BaerTaffy – 6 Points

3rd – RockleeSmile – 5 Point

4th – MathasGames – 3 Points


Overall After Heat 4:


Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5 Heat 6 Total Finals
 RockleeSmile  3 X  X  1 4
 BaerTaffy  2  1  3  X  6
 DanGheesling  1  2  1  3  7
 MathasGames  0  3  X  X 3
 AlpacaPatrol  X  0  1  0  1
 Northernlion  X X  1  1 2