Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Mid-Season Analysis

Hey there, everyone!  This is Crawdad here, going over the Mid-Season analysis of the players taking part in the Move or Die Tournament of Shame.  Without going into much detail, I was given the opportunity to help update this page with the stats and win percentage of each player in all game modes.  Of course, I couldn’t say no to such a great opportunity to be a part of an enjoyable series with a bunch of cool entertainers and even cooler viewers!  Fan boy attitude aside, let’s take a look at the percentage of wins overall!




Let’s start off the analysis by saying that Baer is pretty much making off with a good start.  He has been in all three starting heats and, therefore, was able to build up on points, as well as setting a clear view of how he does in game modes.  With a 67% win rate on Speed Run and more time played on it than RockLeeSmile, he’s clearly one of the top choices for winning that mode.  45% in Bomb Tag and 44% in Color Craze is nothing to pass up either, even if it’s not a runaway.  Baer has proven that he can maintain and dominate in three of the seven modes.  The one he suffers in the most would be Falling Blocks.  With only a 9% win rate, he clearly has trouble with this mode, just unsure if it’s his reaction to the blocks or the reaction to his opponents.  Either way, he’s the only player that has managed to not be screwed with a 0% win rate in a game mode.

AlpacaPatrol, on the other hand, is the opposite to Baer.  He has a lot of work and practice if he wants to increase his probability of even placing a spot in the playoffs.  The highest rate for him is a upsetting 20% in Stomp, which really matters on, you guessed it: “Host Advantage”.  He currently sits at 5th place, holding off Northernlion from passing him, but I feel that it won’t last.  Northernlion suffered from a bye-week back to back at the start of the tournament, so NL already had to come in with a handicap.  In one game, he has already gained enough points in both point value and actual score to be on the same level as AlpacaPatrol.  It’s up to whether AlpacaPatrol will become more focused or Northernlion has trouble setting himself in.

Dan has proven a lot since the Goofball Goals tournament in that he can stand against all five of the other opponents.  While suffering with 0% win rates in both Blow Back and Speed Run, he has shown how much of a wall he is for others when it comes to Color Craze, even giving Baer a run for his money.  Not just that, Dan has also set himself into a good position of the leaderboards, being tied with Mathas in 2nd on point value (both sitting at 65 points) and 2nd in the actual leaderboard for the tournament with 4 points (under Baer with 6 points).  Mathas falls in the same as well, being a decent competitor who can also rise up in the ranks.  The reasons Mathas has slowed down on his scoring is that he didn’t start off very well (4th place in Heat 1) and had just dealt with a bye-week for Heat 3.  It was during Heat 2 that he proved no one should assume he was too busy sleeping during the tournament.  With two Heats, he has several win rates around 50% in three game modes, although Speed Run can be a lot better.

Finally, we have RockLeeSmile, who has kind of proven his skill with his high percentage win rates and outstanding performance in Sugar Rush where he managed to score a win rate of 100%, making him the only player to be undefeated in a certain game mode.  However, he has fallen behind due to the lack of play time.  Starting off Heat 1, he came back from an upset when the game was clearly Baer’s win.  Sitting at about 25 points under the leader, he kept with his determination while Baer became flustered, which led to his victory.  A good start that was followed by the pain of suffering a bye-week back to back.  Hopefully, these bye-weeks don’t have Northernlion and RockLeeSmile fall behind their competition and prove that they are willing to give the rest a fight.

We all have our fan favorites and will stick with them, so take these stats how you want.  Things can always change in an instant.  What’s the saying?  “Any given Sunday”?

With that being said, only time will tell to see who moves and who dies.

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Heat 2



1st – MathasGames – 3 Points

2nd – DanGheesling – 2 Points

3rd – BaerTaffy – 1 Point

4th – AlpacaPatrol – 0 Points


Overall After Heat 2:


Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5 Heat 6 Total Finals
 RockleeSmile  3 X  3
 BaerTaffy  2  1  3
 DanGheesling  1  2  3
 MathasGames  0  3  3
 AlpacaPatrol  X  0  X
 Northernlion  X X  X

Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Heat 1 Results


1st – RockleeSmile – 3 Points

2nd – BaerTaffy – 2 Points

3rd – DanGheesling – 1 Point

4th – MathasGames – 0 Points


Overall After 1 Heat:


Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5 Heat 6 Total Finals
 RockleeSmile  3  .  3
 BaerTaffy  2  .  2
 DanGheesling  1  .  1
 MathasGames  0  .  0
 AlpacaPatrol  X  .  X
 Northernlion  X  .  X