Long hiatus, returning to new ToS!

Hey there, everyone!  Quatro here, but many of you who have followed the Tournament of Shame in the past would remember me as CaspianCrawdad.  So I’ve been away for a long time, which was not something I wanted to do.  Back when I was recording the stats for Move or Die and Duck Game, I was still working at the hospital.  The job brought on a lot of stress, a lot of hardships, but I continued to manage to find the time to watch all the footage and record my findings.  However, stress became overbearing with the fact that it was just me doing all the work, so I gave another person the chance to record Rocket League, but also I was not interested in recording 1v1 in that game.  Not only that, but then things became even more difficult for me.  Life was becoming a shit show, work was stressing me out more than normal, the ToS were over games I struggled to find what to record, and then I did a bunch of stupid decisions under the name Crawdad, so I rebranded.  Dumb move, I basically went back to square 1 and had to work harder in social networking.  I was not happy with everything that was happening, so I threw it all in the trash and started over.

HOWEVER…The reason I’m here is that things have opened up.  Last April, I was given the opportunity to work at home with my dad’s business, building and delivering furniture.  My money problems, life problems, and mental stability have steadied themselves and now I’m completely rejuvenated and ready to return to what I really enjoyed doing.  Dan granted me this opportunity years ago and I did all I could for them, no fee.  It granted me something to do in order to help those broadcasters that I supported.  It may be a bit tougher to get myself back into the hang of things, but I’m willing to go that distance.

That being said, these will mostly go out the days of the videos.  All I currently know, from my view, is that the videos will start to upload on Wednesday and will most likely be For Honor.  I’m unsure who will be competing, but I’m guessing Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, Last_Grey_Wolf, AlpacaPatrol, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, Dan Gheesling, and Sinvicta, coming to a total of 8 players.  If my assumption is correct, this will quite possibly be the largest ToS to date.  As far as posts, I will separate them by video to avoid walls of text.  Example would be if NL and Dan played, a post will upload based on their videos alone.   I will be watching for how offensive/defensive a player is, the amount of successful hits vs missed, blocking percentage, and quite possibly one more but I’ll have to make note of anything I can actually record.

I won’t carry this on much longer, so I will cut it here.  I don’t know how to put into words my appreciation of the broadcasters and those who followed my recordings.  It was an honor being able to do those recordings and it will be an honor to continue.  Thank you. <3

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