NEW! Tournament of Shame – Duck Game! QUACK QUACK QUACK!

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, excited to finally announce, even though I’m a tad bit late, the brand new season of the Tournament of Shame!  As you can read from the title, the gents will be diving in and going 4 player Free For All in Duck Game, a game developed by Landon Polbielski and published by Adult Swim Games for the Ouya, but made it’s way to the PC and has been a hit since then.  Lasers!  Shotguns!  Mind control!  Cooked Duck!  So many ways to die and every death feels so good, especially self combustion with your own Flamethrower!  I won’t ramble on too much for information still needs to be recorded, so good luck to all the players and, of course, have fun!


Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack


3 Responses to “NEW! Tournament of Shame – Duck Game! QUACK QUACK QUACK!”

  1. Kirbogon says:

    Well IDK about you.
    But currently the smart bet is on the egg. Cause who knows Avians better than their own offsprings?
    Or their cousin the Rock. Who has a history of being skilled in this game.

    Will we see some of the weaker birds flocking together to stop one from winning?
    Or will they sink as they become crabs in buckets? Lets find out.

    You also forgot to mention its published by Adult Swim Games. Also Dan looks kinda like a falcon on the far right there.

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      Right! I did forget to mention that! I will fix that, thank you! NL and Nick are both great players, but Rob has shown that he is not to be overlooked by getting 2nd in Heat #1. Baer, while not starting off strong, can come back with a little more focus. :)

      • Kirbogon says:

        True true.
        I feel like he has much more to show because he did go out of his way to mention how we think he’s rly bad at these games. So he probably got some practice and some motivation.

        I actually don’t have much faith in Mathas. And I worry that Dan will be in the bottom half because he’ll be the one w/ the least experience.
        Baer has shown to be a contender and can make it back as you said. My predictions are.

        1. NL. He’s got an early lead plus despite throwing (himself off the map) he’s got the most experience w/ the game than every1 else. He also got his gameface on and can probably hold off Nick using his “Crabs in the Bucket” lecture.

        2. Nick. While we haven’t seen his performance in the match. He is shown to be highly skilled on the NLSS. Even on his latest showing where he was holding back.

        3. Rob. This was hard to do. But I do feel like he has the most motivation to show that he’s good at games. And that motivation can propel him to at least bronze but not enough to win.

        4. Baer. Yeah. Like you said Baer is a strong contender coming out on the upper tiers but won’t be able to win this one. So he’s got a chance for third.

        5. Dan. He’s the Dark horse, but even so I doubt what he can offer can beat NL & Nick’s skill. Or Rob’s motivation.

        6. Cause Eff, Mathas. As always.

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