Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Ending Statement + Thank You

So with the finals closing in, I felt that I have done all I can to help bring all the stats to the players and viewers, so I wanted to just briefly talk about how excited and honored it was to work on this.  I’ve been a fan of these guys for quite some time, so being asked to lend my information and manage the tournament’s page was an amazing feeling, one that would have been extremely hard to say no to.  I don’t want to ramble on pass that point (I’ll have a hard time shutting up), so here is my opinion as to what will happen:

With Nick in first, Baer in second, Dan in third, and NL in fourth, I feel that this stays the same.  NL would have an extremely hard time getting out of fourth because he’ll need to be his A-game to get the first place spot, while Dan would have to slack and suffer to fall back to fourth.  As far as his stats are concerned, his chances are very unlikely.  Even if possible, the highest he can get is third.  Dan continues to work hard to maintain his third place spot, while Baer and Nick battle back and forth for the title.  The best outcome I can see for Baer is him getting first and Nick getting second, creating a tie between the two.  It’s hard to say who will get more points due to the RNG of the mode selection, but I have a feeling that the game will pull in the favor of Nick.  Therefore, I’m calling that Nick will be the winner of the Move or Die tournament, which would add to his impressive tournament resume right now (finishing second in the Goofball Goals tournament as well).

This may be short, sloppy, and not full of the numbers y’all have come to expect from me by now, but all I really wanted was to say thank you to Dan, NL, Nick, Baer, Rob, Mathas, and everyone involved again for giving me this opportunity.  It was a completely amazing situation to be a part of, and if these guys want me back for the next tournament, I would be honored.  Until then, you guys can find me in the YouTube comments, as well as their Twitch chats!



“How do you manage to ruin everything even when you’re on time?”  -Northernlion 2015

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  1. nlscum says:

    I dont think you should carry points over into the finals. Nick has the advantage with hosting for finishing the ‘season’ with the most points and thats all the advantage he should get. whom ever wins the finals wins the whole thing!

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      I understand what you’re saying and I do see that as the case for major sport events, but I tell you why I chose to do that and why it really didn’t matter in the end. I chose it because if you look back to the final listing of the goofball goals tournament, NL finished first w/ 6-1 and Nick finished second w/ 6-1. Nick was undefeated during that whole tournament. The reason it shows that is because he lost to NL in the finals. I just simply went along with their scores to prevent confusion. Why it doesn’t matter is that Nick won anyways. if I treated it that way, the only positions that would switch would be Dan and Baer. Hopefully that helps you see the way I was taking it. :)

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      Update: After thinking about it, I totally agree with your comment. The endin results will be up sometime soon. Thank you for bringin that up!

  2. Onjit says:

    Any idea what game they’re going to play next?

    I think Mount Your Friends would be good.

  3. Miki says:

    So any interest in doing like announcement play-by-play for each episodes?

    Also can you rank your competitors on who you’d want to win the most?

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      I thought about it, but I keep going back to the idea that I hate my voice. I suffer from a little thing called depression, so I always feel I’m not the greatest and I mess up. These postings I’ve done and feedback from you guys, however, have improved my optimism, so I may look into it. :)

  4. Riposte Advantage says:

    Hey, I’m most likely going to get turned down, but there’s no harm in asking. I’ve always been a huge fan of these guys, and I find myself loving this kind of statistical analysis. I was wondering if I could possibly assist you for the next tournament, and I have a few great ideas of things you could add for next time. I am willing to do anything to prove myself. You’ve done a great job updating this season with often multiple posts daily. Looking forward to the future tournaments.

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      I appreciate the comment a lot! It was a lot of work and that work took a lot of time out of my day. If they need me for any future tournaments, I may look into getting some help. I have to play it by ear now and wait for any news, alongside everyone else. Keep an eye out open, though!

      • Riposte Advantage says:

        Wow! Thanks for the reply. I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting to do the same thing for any future ToS looking at all of the effort you put into this tourney’s posts.

        • Miki says:

          Well I hate my voice too, after getting a microphone just to hear what I sound like very clearly I got rly crushed by reality. But hey how about me registrating for a chance to be a co-host with ya?

          Something like watch the vid at the same time with other people who seem like they want to be announcers too, and do like an “IRC” chat room and “try” to act professional lol.
          Here’s an exp. lol

          Crawdad: So are you looking forward to this match
          Me: Not rly, I’m just here to see how Mathas will ruin it.
          Other Host: I’m pretty sure Mathas won’t…..Nevermind he just messed it up already.

          • CaspianCrawdad says:

            Sounds interesting. I’m not certain if they’ll have me back for next tournament, but I’m constantly looking at working to make it a much better experience for everyone, so keep an eye out for any news! Also, figuring out the comments will take some time. I understand that they pretty much take up a lot of the space. That’ll be changed if a new site or layout is added. :)

          • Miki says:

            Well who knows, they seem very happy with your work, just remind the big guys to leave the link to the tournament site in the description and say that you’re still available for the whole hosting the scores and such.

            If you’re still interested by the time of the next tournament hit me up. Uh, that is if you’re aware of what my email is, I forget do ya own the site or something? Or I’ll try to pop my head into the site when the time arises.

  5. Miki says:

    Oops. I put a reply to the wrong comment. But I tried….
    This comment section is a bit too big that it covers the screen and I’m sure I hit reply to your reply to me. So….My Bad. And again if typing this comment is making things more cluttered and worse

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      I do not own this site, nor was I the one who originally set it up. Dan offered me an account to help post on here. :)

      • Miki says:

        Well it doesn’t rly matter because I’m blaming Mathas for it anyways.

        We’ll see to it later I guess, since you and Dan are like the only ones with the power.
        I want to try something akin to Vallorn’s Play by Play of NL’s Long War if you know what I’m talking about

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