Rocket League Semi-Finals Recap

Greeting sexy readers and viewers and welcome to the Tournament of Shame site article for the Rocket League tournament.

I am Kirbogon.  CaspianCrawdad is dead…….or very busy. I forget.  Anyways, he’s not available for this tourny’s recapping. So you guys are stuck with me. Deal with it.  I was a last minute replacement so I’ll be giving a quick review for the previous heats. Now its time to announce the journey of our competitor in Season 4 of Tos!


Unfortunately Dan and Nick were unable to make it to the semi-finals despite their efforts.  I’ll give them a quick review on their journey before reviewing the other competitors.

Starting with Dan, he was a fast learner. Had he started with playing against Northernlion and Baer with their guidance he would’ve stood a chance between Rob and the other competitors.  His downfall would be like the other tournaments where he just lacked the experience the other guys had. But that doesn’t stop his can-do attitude and his desire to win. His abilities and potential were hard to rate but he played well enough that he had a shot at 3rd place.

With Nick, his playstyle was not suited for 1v1 Rocket Leaguing.  His history involved him playing as a teammate rather than him taking charge and planning his shots.  I’m not saying he played badly, but the sudden shift to playing 1v1 and his style clashing gave him a hard handicap which he couldn’t get used to.  A consistently decent contender since the birth of the ToS but even the mighty can fall to shame. Hopefully his experience with the tournament won’t go to waste even if he decides to forsake 1v1 in Rocket league and he can grow into a better player.  He’ll probably have some real drive next season as motivation.


Now lets forget those losers (Lol) and talk about some Rocket League Hotshots!  I’ll be explaining their side of the match and how they’ve fared this whole tournament and how they got to where they are now!

Rocket league

Here we have Northernlion vs Mathas 1st.

Mathas: Originally one of the strongest offensive players in the groups being overwhelmed by Ryan.  Its a shame he started playing the game casually because he would’ve had a shot at winning his first ToS game.  In these 1v1 Games, playing offensively was the right choice and being able to set up and hit the ball into the net in right angles were key because of how fasts points can rack up.  In terms of power Ryan was able to overpower Mathas and seize control of the ball for most of the game.  Mathas is still a competent player because his shots were on point when Ryan let his guard down. His original ability to make shots at an angle were gone, but his ability to make shots into goals is still there. His offensive play style was enough to get him to the semi-finals. His early retirement into being a casual player created a huge gap between our finalist Baer and Northernlion.

Northernlion:  One of the favorites to win the tournament.  His original defensive into offensive style allowed him to transition well into 1v1 Rocket League and his experience playing 1v1 ranked and having probably over 100 hours in the game by now didn’t hurt either.  He got his early ticket into the semi-finals with just his ability by being the scum of the earth.  I mean seriously, while teaching his opponent skills to use in Rocket league he went and countered them as they try out what they were just taught.  With Lion Strats like that, who needs to win honorably?  He has gotten one lost from Baer where he lost by a pretty large margin. But will there be a huge upset like in Season 1?  Who knows? Ronaldo isn’t there to make miracles. But will we see why we call him a Cash Cab? Or will he be a Trash Cab?  Lets hope he doesn’t Nuclear Throw it. Which he hasn’t truly done so this whole tournament where he mostly lets his guard down to practice different technique while he keeps a decent lead against his opponents.

Moving on to Rob Vs Baer.

Rob: Where can i start with this guy? A wildcard throughout this Tourny so far.  His abilities were not consistent mostly because of his lack of knowledge on the controls with the game (In like a previous NLSS he said he learned how the boosts work. I’m serious.) and probably because of his microphone controller hybrid that had a broken “A” button. (Thank God-desu that he recently replaced that thing. According to another NLSS he got another one for a Brawlhalla tourny) I can’t really predict the outcome with his match for 3rd against Mathas but it’ll be interesting.  Its a shame he didn’t win, guy needs to win something because he’s not that good at game so gotta throw him a bone. I mean its not like he won a ToS yet. If so, then he needs to remind people in like every episode of the ToS that comes out with him in it that he’s won a ToS.  (Kappa)

Baer: The guy who everybody thinks will win. His skills are well above everyone besides NL. His ball control is strong and can make great shots. Unlike NL, he’s not letting his guard down and is thrashing his opponents.  His offensive game is strong and can manage his boosts well enough to stop the ball.  He’s basically the biggest favorite of the tourny for a reason. Will he get his first ToS Victory? Well its his best shot at one.


Finals Prediction:

NL has been preparing and even practicing while the tournament has been going on perfecting his craft. But will he make enough progress or is still so far away from Baer in terms of skill?  1v1 is mostly about the offensive and getting goals and Baer has always been more offensive than defensive in his career giving him the advantage. NL isn’t afraid of using every trick up his sleeve from the kick-off strat to flying meta.  The problem is, he’s used the kick-off strat against Baer and he’s not Rob who’ll fall for it each time. Flying meta is the biggest thing tho, he’s yet to master it only able to do very small basic moves in the air, and if he were to fail he’s basically lost himself a point. We’ll see. And thank you for reading for now.

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