[Round 1] ToS: For Honor! Update on changes + statistics

Hey there, everyone!  Quatro here with the recordings of ToS For Honor Round1!  Before we start, I need to first state a few changes.  First is that my assumption of all the players was wrong; there’s only 6, not 8.  The current competitors are Northernlion, RockLeeSmile (Nick), AlpacaPatrol (Rob), BaerTaffy, Dan Gheesling, and MathasGames. I am saddened that there would be 2 less players to record, but moving on I will say that that is probably a good thing.  The recordings for all the rounds took up to 2 hours just jotting down numbers and pausing the video.  Not only that, but having to rewind and come to a conclusion on some of the double attacks.  If there are any double attacks, I’m recognizing both as being successful hits due to HP loss and the possibility of being guarded against.  Also, hitting numbers when I’m not in excel changes the time signature in the video, so I’d have to find my place again.  It’s a good amount of work and paying attention, but I’m managing.  Unlike previous ToS postings, I will not be doing any extra graphical work on leaderboards and so forth (mainly like I did in Duck Game).  I will also not separate the posts like I said I was going to because I’m not planning to do a lot of writing.  I can react to how I felt of the performances and talk about numbers, but I won’t go in depth of how each player is handling the situation.  I know that seems to be a lack of actual commentary, but I have to do what I need to do.  Besides, I felt I struggled in the posts for Duck Game due to slow weeks.

That being said, we will now move on to the statistics.  What I was looking for is # of successful hits of total hits, # of successful guards, wins/ losses of rounds (3 out of 5), wins/losses in total (2 out of 3), and # of environmental deaths for giggles.  Let’s first take a look at Mathas vs Baer, to give the viewer an idea.  Mathas was the victor over Baer with a 2-0 victory.    However, that wasn’t flawless for Mathas due to 2 losses he took when he switched characters after being 1-0 over Baer.  Taking a look at the numbers, it reflects clearly that Mathas had an advantage.  He walked out of that round with a 53.1% hit rating and 26 successful guards.  Baer, on the other hand, came in at 35.5% hit rating, 7 successful guards, and a whopping 3 environmental deaths.  It doesn’t help that Baer is the only one who suffered environmental deaths.  He may, in the future, be on the look out for any openings and stay away.

Second match was Dan vs Rob, which seemed pretty even except for a few things.  Both players were very offensive attackers, but Dan managed to play a bit more defensive than Rob.  However, that did not grant him the victory.  Rob walked out of that round with a 2-0 victory, only losing one round to Dan.  He also managed the highest hit rating of all competitors with 63.5%, not much higher than Dan’s 57.8%.  However, he only managed 4 successful, which is low when compared to Dan’s 21 successful guards.  Even though Dan lost, I was extremely impressed that he played a more defensive style than anyone else, staying back and waiting for an open opportunity.

Last, but not least, was NL vs Nick.  Sad to say, but this was a shutout, for NL walked away with a flawless 2-0 victory, losing none of his rounds.  However, I feel that just stating that would be downgrading Nick’s abilities.  NL had a 50.7% hit rating and 19 successful guards, while Nick had 48.3% hit rating and 6 successful guards.  Ultimately, this fight basically came down to how much damage they were doing to each other and that NL was able to guard more attacks thrown his way.  As offense, they were only at an estimated 2% difference, which I would argue was as a fairness between both competitors.

Current standings would appear as Mathas, Rob, and NL as top competitors, while Baer, Dan, and Nick need to rejuvenate themselves if they plan on claiming that fourth spot on the leaderboards for the playoffs.  We will just have to wait and see what happens in round 2!  Before I end this, any suggestions would be appreciative on what fans of For Honor believe I should be keeping an open eye for.  It’s not a game I play myself, so feedback would help.  Thanks!

Edit: P.S Don’t add emoticons.

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