ToS Rocket League Season 4 Finale

Somewhat casual E-Sports Fans!

Its time to recap the finals of the ToS Season 4 Rocket League match.

Here we have the two Titans Northernlion and BaerTaffy. With an astonishing crushing control of the game. We have Baer overwhelming the Lion winning the game by 3 points in each match.  Such skill in the rocket league game.  Baer could go pro with skills like that.

In other words, Baer has joined with the elites who have won their own tournaments of the past.
Northernlion of Season 1 GoofballGoals, the coach of miracles who led his team by which I mean mostly Ronaldo to stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.
RockLeeSmile of Season 2 Move of Die, the versatile son of a gun who moved his way to total control in all the games who wouldn’t die til he won.
That guy who I forget that won Season 3 Duck Game, I think it was that one guy who never won a game and isn’t very good at games but that doesn’t seem right.
And joining them is Baertaffy of Season 4 Rocket League, who drove through victories and opponents to achieve his hard-earned victory. He is also to  be noted as the first of the ToS winners to have won all of his matches up to the very end.

It was a strong heated match against him and northernlion.  I think the real defining factor of his victory was his offensive playstyle that kept him capable of making goals when there’s an opportunity needed and to pressure his opponents.  If we were to look back at their match, NL was noticeably driving away from a center ball after it hit his opponent’s corner. I know he does his idea of a, “Its not going to get in so lets back up and re-position ourselves” but I think thats more of a strategic throw than his thinks.  He could’ve charged and took a shot and also took his opponent’s 100 boost in the corner while striking the ball. But what could’ve should’ve would’ve whatever.  Baer has his style, skills, and experience with this wonderful game. He basically had even the scum trickster of this ToS playing in the palm of his baer claws.

So congratulation BaerTaffy of a great undefeated game this season.  Will we see him dominating again? Will we see a new underdog succeed and get their first wins? Will the previous winners want another taste of victory after being deprived of it? We will all see next time on the next Tournament of Shame. Stay tune, stay alive, and stay shameful.

This is your substitute replacement announcement host Kirbogon. Signing off for now. I may or may not be back depending if they like my style of writing and recapping and what not. Also apparently Mathas and NL are the only scumbags who don’t link the ToS site in their description in their ToS vids so not as many ppl are visiting here to read either. Anyways here is some images I made in MS Paint, because I don’t understand or have photoshop. Also apparently Mathas and Rob decided not to do a 3rd place deciding round. I guess they’re tired of possibly losing after getting badly F***ed up the vids of their matches against Baer and Ryan would end up on porn sites.

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