Tournament of Shame II – Move or Die – Post Tournament Standings + Comments and Corrections

Tournament of Shame - Move or Die

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad back again to bring the (somewhat late) results of the Move or Die Tournament of Shame and to go over some comments I’ve received, as well as some corrections (there are quite a lot).  To start off the post, here are your final standings!

1st: RockLeeSmile

2nd: Dan Gheesling

3rd: BaerTaffy

4th: Northernlion

5th: MathasGames

6th: AlpacaPatrol

Congratulations, Nick, for the outstanding victory and the constant barrage of skill shown throughout the tournament since Heat #1!  To everyone else, you did all that you guys could and you performed outstandingly well, so congratulations all around!

Now that that is dealt with, let’s move onto why the listing is this way.  So I received a comment the other day, suggesting that the playoffs (finals) should not be focused on the points they have accumulated in regular season.  At first, I really did have it that way to avoid confusion, but I really think I made it more confusing.  It was my first time dealing with all this, so I kind of gotten overwhelmed at times.  I would have just left it, but it dawned on me: Why would people even care about playing if they wouldn’t be able to win?  I immediately turned to sports events and, in my situation as an American, the Super Bowl.  Let’s say two teams go in; one team undefeated, while the other team is 13-4.  Why should the undefeated team still win, even though they lost?  I asked myself that and said, “Well that’s damn stupid, it would make it boring to watch because the other team would just already know they can’t win.”  That situation alone pretty much helped me re-select how I scored this, so kudos to the guy who brought that up.  I also feel that I was still thinking they would have playoffs, but they didn’t.  There is a difference between what playoffs are and what the finals are.  I understand now why they decided to skip playoffs because a 1v1 Move or Die match would be boring.  Having it a 4 player Free For All would make for a more interesting viewing, even though the underlying problems with the game in it’s early access state kind of left a bad taste in not only the player’s mouths, but all the viewers’ as well.  Maybe that is something that the guys may want to think about next time when choosing a game to use as the third ToS.

Moving on, I would really like to state that holy shit!  People have come to me with a lot of comments, whether offering help and suggestions or showing appreciation in what I’m doing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I won’t go into another long “Thank You” post, but all of this meant so much to me.  With that, I understand I made a lot of errors!  There were no errors in any of the numbers, but more so in my ability to write.  I’ve had to go and re-edit or fix some mistakes because my original proofreading did not catch it.  An example would be something like during the Ending of Regular Season Analysis, I state that the “skill of the players in that game mode” didn’t have an effect on the host advantage, just to state a couple of sentences later that skill also played a part.  To be honest with everyone, I normally never get the chance to go into detail about stuff like this and it was my first time working on something big (at least for me).  I wanted to give you guys content to read and understand, but I felt like, sometimes, most of my posts were filled with overused words or grammar mistakes.  You can’t fix the errors that you can’t, or refuse, to see.  With that, most of my work will be done way in advanced and would have been proofread multiple times, although that is if they have me back.  It may have been sloppy, but I feel that it’s also great experience: work on something and figure out what you’re good at and what needs fixing.

Another problem with how everything was laid out was the use of WordPress.  I have not this before and I tried so hard to get a grasp of it quickly, but the problems it has affected how I typed and what I placed as media.  The site loves to resize large width images for the better; not so much height width.  So at the top of this post, you’ll notice I put the art for their YouTube thumbnail in.  It looks small, but the image itself is sitting here, a lot larger than what the post actually shows.  Compare this to the images of the stats I posted throughout the tournament.  Most of those, which were screenshots from multiple text documents, were also longer in height.  Therefore, the site tried to enlarge it, even though it didn’t need it.  The end result is images being blown up too large that they become pixelated.  In the future, this will be fixed with longer width images, such as charts and tables.  I’ll also work on it throughout the coming days to figure out other ways of laying out the foundation of each post.  They offer HTML editing, but I’m too dumb for that so I’ll stick to the visual aids.

Edited Addition: someone brought to my attention that the centered alignment was a nuisance to look at.  The main reason I went centered was because being a newb at WordPress and not knowing how to code in general, I don’t know how to edit all the extra space on the sides of the page.  I will be working on fixing this, so thank you to the person who brought that up.

Lastly, I’ll open up and see exactly what you guys see when I mess up or forget a bit of information.  This doesn’t just have to me behind the scenes, when I’m just like you guys.  Any feedback you have, please leave in the comments or let me know somewhere else like Twitter or email.  You guys are also a big part of this, so your voices should be heard!

The plans to create an even better experience for any future ToS has been laid out.  Let’s make it happen!

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