Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – “Bonus” Video Awareness

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, getting all my recordings and paperwork all organized for the final listings of the ToS season 3 finals!  I decided to hold off my appreciation and thank you note for after the finals, but there was one thing I wanted to actually bring awareness to.  So as I was looking through the videos to gather my information, I noticed that there was a “bonus” video.  I felt that maybe they wanted to talk about the tournament after the finals or just play a little longer, but I got a tie breaker instead?  Not only that, but it was a tie breaker between both Baer and Mathas for a spot in the finals.  It’s cool and all, and I don’t want the guys to take down any content that is part of their job, but their calculations were wrong when it came to this.  Here’s why I say exactly that.

Mathas got 4th in heat #1 (0 points), 1st in heat #2 (3 points), 4th in heat #3 (0 points), and 3rd in heat #4 (1 point).  That is a total of 4 points.

Baer got 3rd in heat #1 (1 point), 4th in heat #4 (0 points), 3rd in heat #5 (1 point), and was in the 3 way tie for 2nd in heat #6 (1 point).  That is a total of 3 points.

While the outcome was not affected and still had the same listing as what I recorded, it would have affected Mathas.  If you had a spot in the finals, but you had to go against someone who didn’t and was actually in last place, would you not have felt robbed if you had lost?  There should have been no tie breaker between the two because Mathas held the 4th place spot on the leaderboards with 4 points, followed by Dan with 3.5 and Baer with 3.  Now whether Mathas does well in the finals is up for grabs, but he would have not had that chance had Baer won in this so called “tie breaker” based on incorrect calculations.


This is why I am here. <3

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  1. Kirbogon says:

    I know right?
    I knew that their math was wrong, which almost made me think my math was wrong and so were my final predictions. Which was totally Nick beating NL and not the other way around. hahaha…..

    Well with Mathas in, it rly doesn’t matter does it? At least Dan should take solace that he didn’t come last. Geez, with the scoring they should come to us first…. I mean you.

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