Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #2 Results

Hey, everyone!  Crawdad here with the late results of Heat #2 of the Tournament of Shame.  I would like to apologize that this is as late as it is, due to not getting in touch with the guys earlier and actually being at work all day when vids are released.  Luckily, Nick has been a really awesome guy and we have talked about keeping me up to date on the site!  Go Nick!  No biased towards the tournament, of course.

Anyways, what that means is that these will HOPEFULLY (not promising) be out as the vids are released to the viewers!  Right when you watch it, head on over here to find out how well each player did!  Rejoice!  Oh but I ramble, so here are your results for Heat #2!



Our first tie for a spot this season!  What this means is that once it gets around to the leaderboards, they will have the points halved.  For example, here we have both Rob and NL in 2nd place.  This means that, seeing how 2nd place will get 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point which makes 3 points together, those points are split between the two, giving them both 1.5 to their score.  So NL would add his 1.5 to his previous 3 points he acquired by getting first in Heat #1, putting him at 4.5 and in the lead.  If you followed the scoring for the Move or Die tournament, it’s the same scoring so feel free to look back at how that was handled.

Anyways, onto how well the players did.  Right off the back, Mathas woke up after slumping terribly during Heat #1 with an impressive win here.  While not really out doing NL on kills, Mathas was able to rank up 6 more points ahead of both Rob and NL.  Hopefully Mathas can keep this up if he’s willing to take the #1 spot, seeing how it’s still very early in the season.  NL and Rob tied for 2nd place, although NL seemed to have performed slightly better.  It’s hard to say that and be confident with the statement when NL has way more kills, but too many deaths and not enough points to prove it.  Rob fell behind this heat, mainly due to Mathas outperforming everyone and I also feel that the alliance with Dan probably costed him a few kills for he had several shots on Dan throughout the heat.  Dan didn’t perform well, but I do love Dan’s spirit and humor.  Maybe it’s his way of tricking his opponents into an alliance so he can betray them at the right time.  In fact, that sounds like Dan.  If it works out for him, then he’ll manage to get plenty of points for the next few heats until the players begin to not trust him.  I don’t see it being a great strategy though, so hopefully he has a backup.  The highlight of this heat seriously goes to NL during the last round, where he feigns death, just to bounce up and blow himself up with a grenade.  Smooth, dawg.

Anyways, time to close this one up.  This season of the ToS is so entertaining to watch, not only because Duck Game is a very enjoyable and beloved game since release, but because each player is actually not that far behind each other.  They all have a particular set of skills and strategies, so we will see which of those will work in that player’s favor.  Keep an eye out on the site for I’ll be posting the leaderboard during Heat #3 for you guys and girls to follow and tally alongside these results postings.  Also all feedback is welcomed, so don’t be scared to let me know how you feel about my writing or who you feel is going to win.  I love doing this, so I hope you guys would love getting involved as well. <3

2 Responses to “Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #2 Results”

  1. Kirbogon says:

    Am I involved? Anyways. My turn.
    You were right when u said Mathas, “Woke Up” as he’s always asleep.

    I was sure NL would go the whole, “Crabs in the Bucket” lecture to these guys. But my guess was that Mathas was too far ahead and he knew he couldn’t trust Dan or Rob. Plus those 2 already had an alliance. Also

    Based on Dan’s commentary, it seems the tournament is totally his first time playing the game. Unless thats part of his master plan but in Duck Game there’s no mercy. Its nice to see Dan try to play his Big Brother game on these guys with alliances. But there’s a big problem here.
    This isn’t big brother. He doesn’t have days to manipulate those guys even with his experience and I don’t think he can afford to take his time and come back.

    Unfortunately. I gotta change my rankings. And Dan is last with Mathas 2nd to last.

    So wait. Does this mean you’ve got early access to watch the Heats before the rest of us? U saucy Crawdad…..Mmm…Saucy Crawdad…..

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      I totally get what you’re saying and you’re as involved as you want to be! :D

      I do have early access thanks to Nick, but I’m not abusing that power at all. All I’m doing is gathering the information prior to them releasing so these can release at the same time as the vids do.

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