Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #3 Results and Mid-Season Standings

Hey, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of Heat #3 of the Tournament of Shame!  Today, not only will you guys be getting the results, you’ll be getting the current standings as well.  That way, all you guys and girls can see who currently is the one that the rest should beat.  I’ll spoil a little bit before posting in saying that each player actually is not far behind each other, so last place can make a quick comeback!  Enough of that, though.  Let’s get to the results of heat #3!


This heat was insanely exciting to watch, as well as insanely frustrating to gather info from!  For those who don’t know the amount of time it takes to do this, the example I’ll give is of heat #2.  From gathering information, creating the image,  and writing the results and performance of each player, all of that took me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  However, heat #3 info gathering took me an hour due to the vid being the longest in the season so far at 23 minutes.  You can see from the postings above that there was a lot going on, so let’s get to it.  First off, this round was Nick’s (RockLeeSmile) first game into the tournament.  One was expecting Nick to do extremely well and just wipe the floors with the rest, but everyone performed incredibly well during this heat.  Nick won, but not by much.  Nick would have also been the first one in the tournament to hit 40 kills, but ended up one short.  Both Rob and Dan tied for 2nd with 9 points.  Rob, while starting off slower this time, managed to come back mid way and start racking up kills (even if lowest amount at 23) and started winning games where it matter.  While Rob did well, I was in complete shock when Dan, the man that I actually gave little credit to in the previous heat when it came to his performance, came in and just did extremely well.  He did try to continue his strategy of befriending and teaming up against others (mostly with Rob), but I felt that even Rob knew the future of trusting Dan.  Didn’t effect neither Dan or Rob in this situation, seeing how they both tied for the second spot, granting them both 1.5 points to their total.  Now it’s hard to sit here and see Mathas sitting in the back when he has 2 less points from 1st place and the second highest kills, but once you start racking up too many deaths, then you’ll probably want to start working on keeping a dedicate place of 2nd or 3rd to get points.  With Nick’s positive performance and the alliance between Rob and Dan, Mathas had a lot on his plate this round and handled it well, but not well enough.  Mathas will need to perform well in heat #4 if he wants to place, seeing how he’ll be out for both heat #5 and #6.  Nonetheless, great performances by all players!  Let’s hope for more games like this!  Now that the results are out of the way, let’s take a look at the current standings!


Rob has managed to snatch the first place standings by placing second in each round, with two heats granting him both 1.5 due to tie.  Awesome job, but he’ll need to focus and keep up if he wants to hold that spot.  NL follows shortly behind with 4.5 points, so I don’t see it impossible for NL to snatch the first place standings from Rob.  Both Mathas and Nick are tied for 3rd place with 3 points both, but I feel that Mathas will be bumped down for his lack of involvement in heats #5 and #6, unless he does well and Nick decides to play poorly.  Next, Dan follows their tail in 5th place with 1.5 points and Baer at the end with 1 point.  There should be no worries about Baer, seeing how he has only played one heat so far, so he’ll make a comeback for sure.  Dan will just need to perform like he did in heat #3 if he doesn’t want to see a 6th place position.  Nonetheless, the scoring between each player is not that much different, so one mistake from someone in first can totally have them fall behind, while someone is last can move up 3 to 4 spots.  I would be underplaying this season of the ToS if I didn’t talk about the actual hype behind it.  Can’t wait to see what happens in the second half of the season!


Edit: a little feedback from a Mr. Greg Wooten on twitter gave me the suggestion of letting people know the current schedules for each player.  It’ll be something that I’ll work in next ToS, but for now here was the regular season’s schedule.

Heat #1: Northernlion, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, and AlpacaPatrol

Heat #2: Northernlion, MathasGames, AlpacaPatrol, Dan Gheesling

Heat #3: RockLeeSmile, MathasGames, AlpacaPatrol, Dan Gheesling

Heat #4: RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, Dan Gheesling

Heat #5: Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, Dan Gheesling

Heat #6: Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, AlpacaPatrol

3 Responses to “Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #3 Results and Mid-Season Standings”

  1. Kirbogon says:

    Ugh. The writing on the walls with the Heats. I say we get together and build a graph or something.
    True there is Hype because we’re halfway done with the series and who knows what they’ve got up their sleeves. Baer yet to show his potential and his confidence shows when Nick mentions he’s got time to play Rebirth. Will that be his undoing?
    I’m worried for Dan tho.This is his last 2 chances to come back and being 2nd to last at the moment and he won’t have Rob around either. Not that it rly matters.

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      No spoilers, but you’ve warm on your guesses. :D

      • Kirbogon says:

        Warm but not Hot. My previous guess was.

        #1, Egg
        #2, Rock
        #3, Rob
        #4, Baer
        #5, Mat
        #6, Dan

        Lets see. That means I made at least 2 switches wrong. Then could Nick win and NL be 2nd? Because Rob was consistantly 2nd even when sharing it, I doubt Baer could over take him where it would take him a couple of first place victories which I doubt he could do when he’s against NL & Nick in the his matches. What probably happened is that Rob actually became 2nd overall. NL with his current score and ability is still in the 1-3 spot.

        Ugh…..I don’t want the Egg to throw…… grenades near him or himself off the map. But

        #1. Nick
        #2. Rob
        #3. NL
        #4. Baer
        #5. Mat
        #6. Dan.

        Although I’m beginning to think maybe Baer was overtaken by Mathas…..But he was last twice. So….

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