Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #4 Results

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of heat #4 of the Tournament of Shame!


To be honest, there wasn’t much that came out of this heat that wasn’t in favor of Nick.  He played to the best of his abilities and continued to prove that he is one of the top competitors in the tournament.  Both Dan and Baer are starting to look like they’re going to be holding the bottom two positions if they don’t focus and rack up enough points to at least place in 2nd or 3Rd in the upcoming matches, although Dan needs something to happen in heat #5 for he’s out in #6.  Mathas is probably doomed, for this was the last heat he was a part of.  If I was Mathas, I’d hope for Baer and Dan to not place in the next couple of heats.  If he gets his wish, he’d be sitting with barely a spot in the finals.  It was a short video and, frankly, not the most exciting of the season.  It happens though, so we can only hope for the next heat to bring a little more excitement, seeing how we’re so close to the end of the regular season.  Let me know what you guys think and who you feel will pull ahead to win!

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  1. Kirbogon says:

    Gah, its so hard to do the math and the counting. but ur right. Dan, Baer, and Mathas are holding the bottom spot.
    After doing the math and putting them in places in my head.

    Mathas or Baer are in last place.

    Current standings in my head
    Nick, NL, Rob, Dan, Baer, Mathas.

    Baer has fallen too low with his scores so far. Mathas who had a upwind in Heat 2 showed promise but it was just a fluke. Dan with being 2nd twice is a bit too high for Baer to overcome with the return of NL and Nick being in the heats with him. And Rob may be able to be 2nd overall he won’t be #1 or #2 when it counts.

    We’ve yet to see NL and Nick in the same game. But judging from their previous games. NL probably won’t be able to hold off Nick.

    This is pretty much my final call. Unless by some miracle (Like Ronaldo) NL can pull it back.

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