Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #5 Results

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of heat #5 of the Tournament of Shame!


So earlier today when I was away from my PC, I sat there and wondered to myself, “Surely Nick didn’t get first in all of the games he played”, not in regards to not wanting him to win, but if Nick really did flawlessly outplay everyone in Duck Game.  This week has proved that he didn’t.  While Nick is a great player and has proven that he has the skill to run away with matches, NL had to make something happen.  Now it didn’t affect NL’s position in the leaderboards at all, but he maintained his 2nd place position by winning this heat with 11 points.  In fact, NL is the only player to win in the tournament with more than 10 points twice (12 points in heat #1 and 11 points here).  It’s really strange to see him do so well here but terribly in other matches.  Don’t let all that NL praise belittle how well Nick plays, however.  Nick maintained 2nd place, which bumped him up above everyone on the leaderboards with 8 total points, 3 more than the previous leader Rob.  Also, even in 2nd place, he still managed to get more kills.  Baer tried to bounce back in order to make sure he was able to make a spot for the finals with Mathas at 4 points and no longer able to increase those points, but he just suffered from the plays that both NL and Nick showed off.  While Baer has one more chance to make it to the finals, it’s now a lot tougher for him.  Finally, it’s sad to announce that Dan has officially been clarified out of finals.  His original strategy of tricking alliances and catching people offguard with small talk didn’t work.  Dan now currently has the 5th place spot in the leaderboards, just 1.5 points above Baer and .5 points behind Mathas.  Baer just needs to hope for a good placing in heat #6 to make his appearance in the finals happen, but he’s going against the top three players of the tournament.  It’s getting down to the wire and it’s getting intense.  This match was a lot more exciting than the domination of #4 and I feel with that 1st place spot on the line, NL, Nick, and Rob are going to be focused and become the top dog going into the finals.  It’s anyone’s game though, so we’ll just have to see it play out.

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  1. Kirbogon says:

    I’d be able to make a final decision my butt.
    Nick and NL now have almost the same score. If not for NL sharing 2nd with Rob that one match. Now I’m almost back to rooting for the Egg, will he live up to my expectations or will he crack?
    Well I wanted to give Dan some benefit of the doubt, but him coming last this time put the nail in the coffin. Baer has got no chance to getting enough points in the final round. With the best and the other best. Then there’s the 2nd best. There’s nowhere but last for him to place.

    One last time. For old times sake

    NL, Nick, Rob, Mathas(ugh), Dan, Baer. To think Baer would fall that down, tbh ur statement that Baer being a strong contender tbh was the only reason I had hope for him but to no avail. I didn’t expect Mathas to be able to get so high in 4th with just 1 1st place victory.

    I feel like NL still has a chance, he plays smart by knowing not to put himself in danger and to know when and where danger is with Nick putting him in high alert, as this heat showed us. Rob is impressionable so if NL can convince Rob he can make it out.

  2. LawDice says:

    Can we get an update on the current standings so we don’t have to do all that pesky math in our heads?

    • CaspianCrawdad says:

      Sure can! Your current standings are:

      1st: Nick w/ 8
      2nd: NL w/ 7.5
      3rd: Rob w/ 5
      4th: Mathas w/ 4
      5th: Dan w/ 3.5
      6th: Baer w/ 2

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