Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #6 Results + End of Regular Season Standings

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, super excited to finally share with you the results of the last heat of the regular season!  With the last heat out of the way, we are now moving on to the finals, so better get your bets in!  First off, here are the results of heat #6!


Everyone came out full swinging today!  Not only was it the last heat of the season, but it was such a tremendous fight for three of the top players in the tournament and the one player in last place.  In the end, it was Nick who ran away with the points, 4 higher than the 3 way tied 2nd place, but also with a whopping 33 kills!  That is 13 more kills than the second highest!  Nick proved yet again that this is his game and has the highest percentage of winning in the finals.  By the way, did I mention that there was a 3 way tie?!  NL, Rob, and Baer all tied with each other with 6 points, with NL being the one the most kills.  It’s strange to see both Rob and Baer’s scoring identical from points to kills and deaths.  It was absolutely insane when I recorded the results!  I feel the 3 way tie hurt Baer though, for he wasn’t able to get the points he needed, and now has suffered the loss of not being a part in the finals.  Anyways, after going back through and adding the current points to the leaderboards, here are your rankings!


Nick just ran away with the tournament when he entered by #3, being 1st place on the leaderboards with 11 points, the only player to be in the double digits!  Followed shortly behind is NL with 8.5 points, Rob with 6 points, and Mathas (who might I add didn’t play the last two heats) with 4.  Those four are your players for the ToS – Duck Game Finals!  Let’s give those players a big hand!  Let’s not also forget the competitiveness and sportsmanlike conduct from both Dan and Baer during the tournament, so much love to those guys as well!

But there can only be one duck that walks away with the victory.  Who will be the one flying south for the winter with the prize and who will be cooked, served, and delicious?  Stay tuned for the ToS Duck Game Finals to release very soon!

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  1. Kirbogon says:

    For the next ToS there should be a Leaderboard at the end of each heat, that way we’re reminded how the scoring is working out and can make better predictions in our math as to what place would one have to get to stay still in and whatnot.

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