[Round 1] ToS: For Honor! Update on changes + statistics

Hey there, everyone!  Quatro here with the recordings of ToS For Honor Round1!  Before we start, I need to first state a few changes.  First is that my assumption of all the players was wrong; there’s only 6, not 8.  The current competitors are Northernlion, RockLeeSmile (Nick), AlpacaPatrol (Rob), BaerTaffy, Dan Gheesling, and MathasGames. I am saddened that there would be 2 less players to record, but moving on I will say that that is probably a good thing.  The recordings for all the rounds took up to 2 hours just jotting down numbers and pausing the video.  Not only that, but having to rewind and come to a conclusion on some of the double attacks.  If there are any double attacks, I’m recognizing both as being successful hits due to HP loss and the possibility of being guarded against.  Also, hitting numbers when I’m not in excel changes the time signature in the video, so I’d have to find my place again.  It’s a good amount of work and paying attention, but I’m managing.  Unlike previous ToS postings, I will not be doing any extra graphical work on leaderboards and so forth (mainly like I did in Duck Game).  I will also not separate the posts like I said I was going to because I’m not planning to do a lot of writing.  I can react to how I felt of the performances and talk about numbers, but I won’t go in depth of how each player is handling the situation.  I know that seems to be a lack of actual commentary, but I have to do what I need to do.  Besides, I felt I struggled in the posts for Duck Game due to slow weeks.

That being said, we will now move on to the statistics.  What I was looking for is # of successful hits of total hits, # of successful guards, wins/ losses of rounds (3 out of 5), wins/losses in total (2 out of 3), and # of environmental deaths for giggles.  Let’s first take a look at Mathas vs Baer, to give the viewer an idea.  Mathas was the victor over Baer with a 2-0 victory.    However, that wasn’t flawless for Mathas due to 2 losses he took when he switched characters after being 1-0 over Baer.  Taking a look at the numbers, it reflects clearly that Mathas had an advantage.  He walked out of that round with a 53.1% hit rating and 26 successful guards.  Baer, on the other hand, came in at 35.5% hit rating, 7 successful guards, and a whopping 3 environmental deaths.  It doesn’t help that Baer is the only one who suffered environmental deaths.  He may, in the future, be on the look out for any openings and stay away.

Second match was Dan vs Rob, which seemed pretty even except for a few things.  Both players were very offensive attackers, but Dan managed to play a bit more defensive than Rob.  However, that did not grant him the victory.  Rob walked out of that round with a 2-0 victory, only losing one round to Dan.  He also managed the highest hit rating of all competitors with 63.5%, not much higher than Dan’s 57.8%.  However, he only managed 4 successful, which is low when compared to Dan’s 21 successful guards.  Even though Dan lost, I was extremely impressed that he played a more defensive style than anyone else, staying back and waiting for an open opportunity.

Last, but not least, was NL vs Nick.  Sad to say, but this was a shutout, for NL walked away with a flawless 2-0 victory, losing none of his rounds.  However, I feel that just stating that would be downgrading Nick’s abilities.  NL had a 50.7% hit rating and 19 successful guards, while Nick had 48.3% hit rating and 6 successful guards.  Ultimately, this fight basically came down to how much damage they were doing to each other and that NL was able to guard more attacks thrown his way.  As offense, they were only at an estimated 2% difference, which I would argue was as a fairness between both competitors.

Current standings would appear as Mathas, Rob, and NL as top competitors, while Baer, Dan, and Nick need to rejuvenate themselves if they plan on claiming that fourth spot on the leaderboards for the playoffs.  We will just have to wait and see what happens in round 2!  Before I end this, any suggestions would be appreciative on what fans of For Honor believe I should be keeping an open eye for.  It’s not a game I play myself, so feedback would help.  Thanks!

Edit: P.S Don’t add emoticons.

Long hiatus, returning to new ToS!

Hey there, everyone!  Quatro here, but many of you who have followed the Tournament of Shame in the past would remember me as CaspianCrawdad.  So I’ve been away for a long time, which was not something I wanted to do.  Back when I was recording the stats for Move or Die and Duck Game, I was still working at the hospital.  The job brought on a lot of stress, a lot of hardships, but I continued to manage to find the time to watch all the footage and record my findings.  However, stress became overbearing with the fact that it was just me doing all the work, so I gave another person the chance to record Rocket League, but also I was not interested in recording 1v1 in that game.  Not only that, but then things became even more difficult for me.  Life was becoming a shit show, work was stressing me out more than normal, the ToS were over games I struggled to find what to record, and then I did a bunch of stupid decisions under the name Crawdad, so I rebranded.  Dumb move, I basically went back to square 1 and had to work harder in social networking.  I was not happy with everything that was happening, so I threw it all in the trash and started over.

HOWEVER…The reason I’m here is that things have opened up.  Last April, I was given the opportunity to work at home with my dad’s business, building and delivering furniture.  My money problems, life problems, and mental stability have steadied themselves and now I’m completely rejuvenated and ready to return to what I really enjoyed doing.  Dan granted me this opportunity years ago and I did all I could for them, no fee.  It granted me something to do in order to help those broadcasters that I supported.  It may be a bit tougher to get myself back into the hang of things, but I’m willing to go that distance.

That being said, these will mostly go out the days of the videos.  All I currently know, from my view, is that the videos will start to upload on Wednesday and will most likely be For Honor.  I’m unsure who will be competing, but I’m guessing Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, Last_Grey_Wolf, AlpacaPatrol, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, Dan Gheesling, and Sinvicta, coming to a total of 8 players.  If my assumption is correct, this will quite possibly be the largest ToS to date.  As far as posts, I will separate them by video to avoid walls of text.  Example would be if NL and Dan played, a post will upload based on their videos alone.   I will be watching for how offensive/defensive a player is, the amount of successful hits vs missed, blocking percentage, and quite possibly one more but I’ll have to make note of anything I can actually record.

I won’t carry this on much longer, so I will cut it here.  I don’t know how to put into words my appreciation of the broadcasters and those who followed my recordings.  It was an honor being able to do those recordings and it will be an honor to continue.  Thank you. <3

ToS Rocket League Season 4 Finale

Somewhat casual E-Sports Fans!

Its time to recap the finals of the ToS Season 4 Rocket League match.

Here we have the two Titans Northernlion and BaerTaffy. With an astonishing crushing control of the game. We have Baer overwhelming the Lion winning the game by 3 points in each match.  Such skill in the rocket league game.  Baer could go pro with skills like that.

In other words, Baer has joined with the elites who have won their own tournaments of the past.
Northernlion of Season 1 GoofballGoals, the coach of miracles who led his team by which I mean mostly Ronaldo to stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.
RockLeeSmile of Season 2 Move of Die, the versatile son of a gun who moved his way to total control in all the games who wouldn’t die til he won.
That guy who I forget that won Season 3 Duck Game, I think it was that one guy who never won a game and isn’t very good at games but that doesn’t seem right.
And joining them is Baertaffy of Season 4 Rocket League, who drove through victories and opponents to achieve his hard-earned victory. He is also to  be noted as the first of the ToS winners to have won all of his matches up to the very end.

It was a strong heated match against him and northernlion.  I think the real defining factor of his victory was his offensive playstyle that kept him capable of making goals when there’s an opportunity needed and to pressure his opponents.  If we were to look back at their match, NL was noticeably driving away from a center ball after it hit his opponent’s corner. I know he does his idea of a, “Its not going to get in so lets back up and re-position ourselves” but I think thats more of a strategic throw than his thinks.  He could’ve charged and took a shot and also took his opponent’s 100 boost in the corner while striking the ball. But what could’ve should’ve would’ve whatever.  Baer has his style, skills, and experience with this wonderful game. He basically had even the scum trickster of this ToS playing in the palm of his baer claws.

So congratulation BaerTaffy of a great undefeated game this season.  Will we see him dominating again? Will we see a new underdog succeed and get their first wins? Will the previous winners want another taste of victory after being deprived of it? We will all see next time on the next Tournament of Shame. Stay tune, stay alive, and stay shameful.

This is your substitute replacement announcement host Kirbogon. Signing off for now. I may or may not be back depending if they like my style of writing and recapping and what not. Also apparently Mathas and NL are the only scumbags who don’t link the ToS site in their description in their ToS vids so not as many ppl are visiting here to read either. Anyways here is some images I made in MS Paint, because I don’t understand or have photoshop. Also apparently Mathas and Rob decided not to do a 3rd place deciding round. I guess they’re tired of possibly losing after getting badly F***ed up the vids of their matches against Baer and Ryan would end up on porn sites.

Rocket leagueRocket league finale

Rocket League Semi-Finals Recap

Greeting sexy readers and viewers and welcome to the Tournament of Shame site article for the Rocket League tournament.

I am Kirbogon.  CaspianCrawdad is dead…….or very busy. I forget.  Anyways, he’s not available for this tourny’s recapping. So you guys are stuck with me. Deal with it.  I was a last minute replacement so I’ll be giving a quick review for the previous heats. Now its time to announce the journey of our competitor in Season 4 of Tos!


Unfortunately Dan and Nick were unable to make it to the semi-finals despite their efforts.  I’ll give them a quick review on their journey before reviewing the other competitors.

Starting with Dan, he was a fast learner. Had he started with playing against Northernlion and Baer with their guidance he would’ve stood a chance between Rob and the other competitors.  His downfall would be like the other tournaments where he just lacked the experience the other guys had. But that doesn’t stop his can-do attitude and his desire to win. His abilities and potential were hard to rate but he played well enough that he had a shot at 3rd place.

With Nick, his playstyle was not suited for 1v1 Rocket Leaguing.  His history involved him playing as a teammate rather than him taking charge and planning his shots.  I’m not saying he played badly, but the sudden shift to playing 1v1 and his style clashing gave him a hard handicap which he couldn’t get used to.  A consistently decent contender since the birth of the ToS but even the mighty can fall to shame. Hopefully his experience with the tournament won’t go to waste even if he decides to forsake 1v1 in Rocket league and he can grow into a better player.  He’ll probably have some real drive next season as motivation.


Now lets forget those losers (Lol) and talk about some Rocket League Hotshots!  I’ll be explaining their side of the match and how they’ve fared this whole tournament and how they got to where they are now!

Rocket league

Here we have Northernlion vs Mathas 1st.

Mathas: Originally one of the strongest offensive players in the groups being overwhelmed by Ryan.  Its a shame he started playing the game casually because he would’ve had a shot at winning his first ToS game.  In these 1v1 Games, playing offensively was the right choice and being able to set up and hit the ball into the net in right angles were key because of how fasts points can rack up.  In terms of power Ryan was able to overpower Mathas and seize control of the ball for most of the game.  Mathas is still a competent player because his shots were on point when Ryan let his guard down. His original ability to make shots at an angle were gone, but his ability to make shots into goals is still there. His offensive play style was enough to get him to the semi-finals. His early retirement into being a casual player created a huge gap between our finalist Baer and Northernlion.

Northernlion:  One of the favorites to win the tournament.  His original defensive into offensive style allowed him to transition well into 1v1 Rocket League and his experience playing 1v1 ranked and having probably over 100 hours in the game by now didn’t hurt either.  He got his early ticket into the semi-finals with just his ability by being the scum of the earth.  I mean seriously, while teaching his opponent skills to use in Rocket league he went and countered them as they try out what they were just taught.  With Lion Strats like that, who needs to win honorably?  He has gotten one lost from Baer where he lost by a pretty large margin. But will there be a huge upset like in Season 1?  Who knows? Ronaldo isn’t there to make miracles. But will we see why we call him a Cash Cab? Or will he be a Trash Cab?  Lets hope he doesn’t Nuclear Throw it. Which he hasn’t truly done so this whole tournament where he mostly lets his guard down to practice different technique while he keeps a decent lead against his opponents.

Moving on to Rob Vs Baer.

Rob: Where can i start with this guy? A wildcard throughout this Tourny so far.  His abilities were not consistent mostly because of his lack of knowledge on the controls with the game (In like a previous NLSS he said he learned how the boosts work. I’m serious.) and probably because of his microphone controller hybrid that had a broken “A” button. (Thank God-desu that he recently replaced that thing. According to another NLSS he got another one for a Brawlhalla tourny) I can’t really predict the outcome with his match for 3rd against Mathas but it’ll be interesting.  Its a shame he didn’t win, guy needs to win something because he’s not that good at game so gotta throw him a bone. I mean its not like he won a ToS yet. If so, then he needs to remind people in like every episode of the ToS that comes out with him in it that he’s won a ToS.  (Kappa)

Baer: The guy who everybody thinks will win. His skills are well above everyone besides NL. His ball control is strong and can make great shots. Unlike NL, he’s not letting his guard down and is thrashing his opponents.  His offensive game is strong and can manage his boosts well enough to stop the ball.  He’s basically the biggest favorite of the tourny for a reason. Will he get his first ToS Victory? Well its his best shot at one.


Finals Prediction:

NL has been preparing and even practicing while the tournament has been going on perfecting his craft. But will he make enough progress or is still so far away from Baer in terms of skill?  1v1 is mostly about the offensive and getting goals and Baer has always been more offensive than defensive in his career giving him the advantage. NL isn’t afraid of using every trick up his sleeve from the kick-off strat to flying meta.  The problem is, he’s used the kick-off strat against Baer and he’s not Rob who’ll fall for it each time. Flying meta is the biggest thing tho, he’s yet to master it only able to do very small basic moves in the air, and if he were to fail he’s basically lost himself a point. We’ll see. And thank you for reading for now.

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Finals Results!

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, both excited and upset to bring you the last post of the ToS season 3!  It was an extremely enjoyable season and I wish it could go on forever, but the gang has a job to do and it also opens up future ToS with different titles.  I could go on about the different types of games they could play, but you guys aren’t here for that.  You’re here to find out how well each player did in the finals!

Well I will give you what you want, starting with the announcement of the winner of the ToS season 3!

And your winner is…………………AlpacaPatrol!


Congratulations, Rob, on your victory in the ToS season 3 finals!  You showed everyone who was boss and managed to take the win from Mathas in overtime!  You deserve this badass certificate of excellence, dawg!  Let’s give Rob a round of applause!  Quack!  Quack!  Quack!  Okay, enough of that.  Let’s move onto the results of the finals and see how well each player did.  Without further adieu, here are the results!


It is hard to sit here and not say anything positive about these four players!  When you picture the finals, whether in a game or in sports, you always hope for that extremely close match that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  This was that match!  NL didn’t do all that well on kills, but he somehow managed to sneak in and steal 8 points that could have ended the finals early.  Nick started off in the lead, but started performing not as well during the later half of the match.  While both players still showed that they were in the finals for a reason, it was Mathas and Rob that stole the show with them both tying at 10 points, leading into a “sudden death” or “overtime” match, giving Rob the win and walking away the victor!  Other than NL’s salt about jumping on presents, I can’t see any wrong in any of their performances here.  They should all be proud to be in the finals!  Your final leaderboard rankings are as followed.


On another note, I went through and tallied up the totals of all players throughout the whole season to see how the points altogether showed how well they did.  The strangest thing about it though is that Baer and Dan have the same amount of deaths and points.  It was so strange that I thought I had done math wrong, but then I realized that that doesn’t sound like me. <3


And with that, season 3 of the Tournament of Shame comes to a close.  Parting is such sweet sorrow, but the gang will be back one day with a new game to play and loads of more salt.  Until then, this is Crawdad and I hope to bring you more info in the near future! <3

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – “Bonus” Video Awareness

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, getting all my recordings and paperwork all organized for the final listings of the ToS season 3 finals!  I decided to hold off my appreciation and thank you note for after the finals, but there was one thing I wanted to actually bring awareness to.  So as I was looking through the videos to gather my information, I noticed that there was a “bonus” video.  I felt that maybe they wanted to talk about the tournament after the finals or just play a little longer, but I got a tie breaker instead?  Not only that, but it was a tie breaker between both Baer and Mathas for a spot in the finals.  It’s cool and all, and I don’t want the guys to take down any content that is part of their job, but their calculations were wrong when it came to this.  Here’s why I say exactly that.

Mathas got 4th in heat #1 (0 points), 1st in heat #2 (3 points), 4th in heat #3 (0 points), and 3rd in heat #4 (1 point).  That is a total of 4 points.

Baer got 3rd in heat #1 (1 point), 4th in heat #4 (0 points), 3rd in heat #5 (1 point), and was in the 3 way tie for 2nd in heat #6 (1 point).  That is a total of 3 points.

While the outcome was not affected and still had the same listing as what I recorded, it would have affected Mathas.  If you had a spot in the finals, but you had to go against someone who didn’t and was actually in last place, would you not have felt robbed if you had lost?  There should have been no tie breaker between the two because Mathas held the 4th place spot on the leaderboards with 4 points, followed by Dan with 3.5 and Baer with 3.  Now whether Mathas does well in the finals is up for grabs, but he would have not had that chance had Baer won in this so called “tie breaker” based on incorrect calculations.


This is why I am here. <3

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #6 Results + End of Regular Season Standings

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here, super excited to finally share with you the results of the last heat of the regular season!  With the last heat out of the way, we are now moving on to the finals, so better get your bets in!  First off, here are the results of heat #6!


Everyone came out full swinging today!  Not only was it the last heat of the season, but it was such a tremendous fight for three of the top players in the tournament and the one player in last place.  In the end, it was Nick who ran away with the points, 4 higher than the 3 way tied 2nd place, but also with a whopping 33 kills!  That is 13 more kills than the second highest!  Nick proved yet again that this is his game and has the highest percentage of winning in the finals.  By the way, did I mention that there was a 3 way tie?!  NL, Rob, and Baer all tied with each other with 6 points, with NL being the one the most kills.  It’s strange to see both Rob and Baer’s scoring identical from points to kills and deaths.  It was absolutely insane when I recorded the results!  I feel the 3 way tie hurt Baer though, for he wasn’t able to get the points he needed, and now has suffered the loss of not being a part in the finals.  Anyways, after going back through and adding the current points to the leaderboards, here are your rankings!


Nick just ran away with the tournament when he entered by #3, being 1st place on the leaderboards with 11 points, the only player to be in the double digits!  Followed shortly behind is NL with 8.5 points, Rob with 6 points, and Mathas (who might I add didn’t play the last two heats) with 4.  Those four are your players for the ToS – Duck Game Finals!  Let’s give those players a big hand!  Let’s not also forget the competitiveness and sportsmanlike conduct from both Dan and Baer during the tournament, so much love to those guys as well!

But there can only be one duck that walks away with the victory.  Who will be the one flying south for the winter with the prize and who will be cooked, served, and delicious?  Stay tuned for the ToS Duck Game Finals to release very soon!

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #5 Results

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of heat #5 of the Tournament of Shame!


So earlier today when I was away from my PC, I sat there and wondered to myself, “Surely Nick didn’t get first in all of the games he played”, not in regards to not wanting him to win, but if Nick really did flawlessly outplay everyone in Duck Game.  This week has proved that he didn’t.  While Nick is a great player and has proven that he has the skill to run away with matches, NL had to make something happen.  Now it didn’t affect NL’s position in the leaderboards at all, but he maintained his 2nd place position by winning this heat with 11 points.  In fact, NL is the only player to win in the tournament with more than 10 points twice (12 points in heat #1 and 11 points here).  It’s really strange to see him do so well here but terribly in other matches.  Don’t let all that NL praise belittle how well Nick plays, however.  Nick maintained 2nd place, which bumped him up above everyone on the leaderboards with 8 total points, 3 more than the previous leader Rob.  Also, even in 2nd place, he still managed to get more kills.  Baer tried to bounce back in order to make sure he was able to make a spot for the finals with Mathas at 4 points and no longer able to increase those points, but he just suffered from the plays that both NL and Nick showed off.  While Baer has one more chance to make it to the finals, it’s now a lot tougher for him.  Finally, it’s sad to announce that Dan has officially been clarified out of finals.  His original strategy of tricking alliances and catching people offguard with small talk didn’t work.  Dan now currently has the 5th place spot in the leaderboards, just 1.5 points above Baer and .5 points behind Mathas.  Baer just needs to hope for a good placing in heat #6 to make his appearance in the finals happen, but he’s going against the top three players of the tournament.  It’s getting down to the wire and it’s getting intense.  This match was a lot more exciting than the domination of #4 and I feel with that 1st place spot on the line, NL, Nick, and Rob are going to be focused and become the top dog going into the finals.  It’s anyone’s game though, so we’ll just have to see it play out.

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #4 Results

Hey there, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of heat #4 of the Tournament of Shame!


To be honest, there wasn’t much that came out of this heat that wasn’t in favor of Nick.  He played to the best of his abilities and continued to prove that he is one of the top competitors in the tournament.  Both Dan and Baer are starting to look like they’re going to be holding the bottom two positions if they don’t focus and rack up enough points to at least place in 2nd or 3Rd in the upcoming matches, although Dan needs something to happen in heat #5 for he’s out in #6.  Mathas is probably doomed, for this was the last heat he was a part of.  If I was Mathas, I’d hope for Baer and Dan to not place in the next couple of heats.  If he gets his wish, he’d be sitting with barely a spot in the finals.  It was a short video and, frankly, not the most exciting of the season.  It happens though, so we can only hope for the next heat to bring a little more excitement, seeing how we’re so close to the end of the regular season.  Let me know what you guys think and who you feel will pull ahead to win!

Tournament of Shame III – Duck Game – Heat #3 Results and Mid-Season Standings

Hey, everyone!  Crawdad here with the results of Heat #3 of the Tournament of Shame!  Today, not only will you guys be getting the results, you’ll be getting the current standings as well.  That way, all you guys and girls can see who currently is the one that the rest should beat.  I’ll spoil a little bit before posting in saying that each player actually is not far behind each other, so last place can make a quick comeback!  Enough of that, though.  Let’s get to the results of heat #3!


This heat was insanely exciting to watch, as well as insanely frustrating to gather info from!  For those who don’t know the amount of time it takes to do this, the example I’ll give is of heat #2.  From gathering information, creating the image,  and writing the results and performance of each player, all of that took me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  However, heat #3 info gathering took me an hour due to the vid being the longest in the season so far at 23 minutes.  You can see from the postings above that there was a lot going on, so let’s get to it.  First off, this round was Nick’s (RockLeeSmile) first game into the tournament.  One was expecting Nick to do extremely well and just wipe the floors with the rest, but everyone performed incredibly well during this heat.  Nick won, but not by much.  Nick would have also been the first one in the tournament to hit 40 kills, but ended up one short.  Both Rob and Dan tied for 2nd with 9 points.  Rob, while starting off slower this time, managed to come back mid way and start racking up kills (even if lowest amount at 23) and started winning games where it matter.  While Rob did well, I was in complete shock when Dan, the man that I actually gave little credit to in the previous heat when it came to his performance, came in and just did extremely well.  He did try to continue his strategy of befriending and teaming up against others (mostly with Rob), but I felt that even Rob knew the future of trusting Dan.  Didn’t effect neither Dan or Rob in this situation, seeing how they both tied for the second spot, granting them both 1.5 points to their total.  Now it’s hard to sit here and see Mathas sitting in the back when he has 2 less points from 1st place and the second highest kills, but once you start racking up too many deaths, then you’ll probably want to start working on keeping a dedicate place of 2nd or 3rd to get points.  With Nick’s positive performance and the alliance between Rob and Dan, Mathas had a lot on his plate this round and handled it well, but not well enough.  Mathas will need to perform well in heat #4 if he wants to place, seeing how he’ll be out for both heat #5 and #6.  Nonetheless, great performances by all players!  Let’s hope for more games like this!  Now that the results are out of the way, let’s take a look at the current standings!


Rob has managed to snatch the first place standings by placing second in each round, with two heats granting him both 1.5 due to tie.  Awesome job, but he’ll need to focus and keep up if he wants to hold that spot.  NL follows shortly behind with 4.5 points, so I don’t see it impossible for NL to snatch the first place standings from Rob.  Both Mathas and Nick are tied for 3rd place with 3 points both, but I feel that Mathas will be bumped down for his lack of involvement in heats #5 and #6, unless he does well and Nick decides to play poorly.  Next, Dan follows their tail in 5th place with 1.5 points and Baer at the end with 1 point.  There should be no worries about Baer, seeing how he has only played one heat so far, so he’ll make a comeback for sure.  Dan will just need to perform like he did in heat #3 if he doesn’t want to see a 6th place position.  Nonetheless, the scoring between each player is not that much different, so one mistake from someone in first can totally have them fall behind, while someone is last can move up 3 to 4 spots.  I would be underplaying this season of the ToS if I didn’t talk about the actual hype behind it.  Can’t wait to see what happens in the second half of the season!


Edit: a little feedback from a Mr. Greg Wooten on twitter gave me the suggestion of letting people know the current schedules for each player.  It’ll be something that I’ll work in next ToS, but for now here was the regular season’s schedule.

Heat #1: Northernlion, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, and AlpacaPatrol

Heat #2: Northernlion, MathasGames, AlpacaPatrol, Dan Gheesling

Heat #3: RockLeeSmile, MathasGames, AlpacaPatrol, Dan Gheesling

Heat #4: RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, MathasGames, Dan Gheesling

Heat #5: Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, Dan Gheesling

Heat #6: Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, BaerTaffy, AlpacaPatrol